Designing products your customers love.

Ghost Pixel partners with startups and tech companies to design digital products from end to end. Our iterative, collaborative approach ensures your product vision is brought to life.

Bridge the gap between your business and your customers.

We dive deep into understanding your goals and your customers. ensuring every project resonates, connects, and feels exclusively crafted for its users.

Services we offer

Focused on delivering customer obsessed product designs. Using methods evolved from working at IBM and AWS.


We help you create a visually stunning products that make a powerful first impression and draw users in.

  • User journeys

  • User research

  • Design systems

  • Interactive prototypes

  • High-fidelity designs


We help you center around the user, creating products that function flawlessly.

  • Discovery

  • Hills development

  • Research

  • Design thinking workshops

  • 4 Pillars of product development

How we iterate

This loop of Observe, Reflect, Make is at the heart of our process, ensuring that every solution is human-centered, thoroughly researched, and iteratively refined.


This phase is about looking beyond the obvious, capturing data, and empathizing with users to uncover unmet needs and opportunities.


This collaborative phase involves your team and ours, ensuring alignment and setting the stage for innovative solutions.


This hands-on, experimental approach ensures that the final product isn’t just theoretically sound—it's practically effective

Tactics for continuous alignment


Hills are concise statements of the goals we aim to help our users accomplish.


Playbacks are regular check-ins that bring users, stakeholders and teams together to tell stories and exchange feedback.

Sponsor users

Sponsor users are real-world users that provide teams with deep expertise and knowledge on the problems they’re facing.

Your vision. Our blueprint

Design delivery has never been this easy

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Book a free intro call to discuss details. If we are a good match we will get you setup on a flexible plan. Allowing you to pause or cancel at any time.

Kickoff workshop

We will setup a kickoff workshop to quickly get aligned. This is important to insure we capture your vision and direction.

Design delivery begins

Post workshop, we will start delivering designs. Every month we will meet to insure we are working on the most important things.

One price, full access.

Pause / Cancel at anytime

One work stream at a time

Effortless project management

24/7 access to Figma

Private Slack channel access

Monthly planning sessions


Payment securely done via Stripe

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