Designing products that your customers will love.

We design products
that your customers
will love.

Ghost Pixel is more than just good visuals. We craft experiences and align with your strategic ambitions—all within a seamless subscription. It's design redefined, without the usual complications.

Design Drives

Business Success.

At Ghost Pixel, design isn't just art — it's a bridge between businesses and customers. We emphasize the harmony of form and function, always tuned into the business-customer relationship. We prioritize clarity and elegance, ensuring our designs are both intuitive and detailed. Yet, we never shy from innovation, constantly challenging norms to capture your vision. With us, you’re not just getting design; you embark on a journey, uniting your business with your customers, and our design passion to sculpt unforgettable experiences.

Services we offer

An integrated part
of your team.

We work like an integrated part of your team. Using tools and processes to help deliver solutions that your customers will love.

Product Design

We create innovative products that resonate, focusing on functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Interaction Design

Crafting seamless user interactions that enhance experience and elevate usability.

Visual Design

Crafting visuals that communicate and compel, creating a cohesive brand presence.

Gen AI Design

Designing intuitive and impactful AI user experiences for the next generation.

Design Strategy

Tailored roadmaps designed to align your brand's vision with tangible, impactful results.

Concept Exploration

Dive deep into creative realms, exploring avant-garde ideas tailored to your brand's identity.

Our process

Simplifying Your Journey to

Exceptional Design.

Simplifying Your Journey to Exceptional Design.



Unlock continuous design innovation with a simple subscription, tailored to evolve with your business needs.



We dive deep to understand your brand, goals, and audience, laying the foundation for impactful design.



We meticulously assess current designs and strategies to identify areas of improvement and potential.



We strategize to tackle the most pressing design needs first, ensuring immediate impact and value.



Our team crafts intuitive, elegant, and innovative designs that resonate with your audience and enhance user experience.

Rapid iteration.

Delivering in days and weeks, not months.

Your Vision, Our Blueprint. Let's Begin.

Pause or Cancel Anytime

No Contracts

Fixed monthly price

Collaboration in Slack, Figma, & Notion

Monthly planning sessions

Where Every Pixel

Tells a Story.

Where Every Pixel

Tells a Story.

Where Every Pixel

Tells a Story.